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Snakes in beds [Aug. 21st, 2010|01:14 pm]
Dream Interpretation Community

[mood |peacefulpeaceful]

 I have a recurring dream that I am awake and in my bed, and that there is a black snake in my bed. In this dream, I always think that I am awake, so when I wake up it is very difficult to determine whether or not I actually have.

Last night, I dreamt that I went outside. It was a very starry night. There was a car that kept changing colors waiting for me outside. I climbed in, and drove up a hill.

When I looked up at the sky, I saw that there were three moons. Two of them were full and one was half full. I remember wondering how this could be possible. I could see mars in the sky. It was bigger than any of the moons, and there were three flashing red lights on it that looked like the may be alien colonies.

I had the feeling that there was someone trying to find me. I wasn't sure who or why, but I knew I had to find somewhere to hide before morning. But the car had disappeared and the landscape was barren and desert like. There was no where to hide.

ANy thoughts?
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Odd Dream...thoughts help? [Dec. 19th, 2009|03:21 pm]
Dream Interpretation Community

[mood |thoughtfulthoughtful]

A friend invited me to go shopping to finish up last minute Christmas stuff. So off we went. There was some parking up front of the store. As I pulled into a parallel space, the friend pointed out another space. As I pulled forward into that space, the friend lept out of the car. There were "holes" to hold the wheels in place so the vehicle would not roll. Only as the vehicle rolled into place, it slipped through the hole, and began to fall, not backwards but straight down. I looked up and saw my friend watching. Not a panicked look at all. A rather smug look. No effort to help. Never turning away, never stepping forward, just watching. I had a moment of panic, a moment of anger, and then I thought, this won't hurt so bad if I just relax. I took a deep breath and forced myself to let go of all the tension in my body, feeling myself relax into the car seat.

I never hit bottom. They always say if you hit the bottom in a dream you die...I just woke up.

Any suggestions? Thoughts? Dream interpretation?
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worrisome memories [Aug. 27th, 2009|03:42 pm]
Dream Interpretation Community

I believe people dream about things they are experiencing during awake time. Some of the scientific explanations about dreams that I subscribe to have to do with subconscious thought that people aren't finished contemplating while they are awake; so, when they sleep, a person's mind begins to analyze the travails of the day and place them in story like sequences. That's just one of the explanations I've read. I'm sure there really are UFO abductions taking place during the night in other parts of the world.

I don't usually remember my dreams unless they were frightening. But I also don't think that a dream has to be a nightmare before it can be interpreted as scary. Wasps and poisonous spiders. That's what I dreamt about, to put it bluntly. My analysis follows.

Every summer, it seemed, I would have a problem with gigantic, enormous, buzzard swarming flies enter my house. And as I would continuously kill them one at a time, they somehow mysteriously came back to haunt me. I'm talking huge flies, just millimeters short of being a black bumblebee. Well, as it happens, every summer I would swap my cat's lidded litter box for a standard open litter box and place it in the fireplace. I felt it was convenient for the cat to take care of business in there since he enjoys making a mess with the sand by splashing it all around the floor. My chimney doesn't have a functioning damper which has rusted into the open position. That means, in the winter time, I cannot close the damper to keep the cold air out (when I'm not burning a fire), but more importantly, I can't close the damper in the summer time to keep the monster flies from smelling the cats poop and making their way in by flying down the flue, like Santa Clause. Oh, last year they wreaked havoc on my sanity.

The dream I had last night takes place in that corner of the house. I discovered a gigantic insect which was obviously of no surprise since it is summer time already. However, since I purchased the gas fire burner, I stopped swapping litter boxes and the kitty takes care of business in the lidded litter box year round now. As I looked closer at the buzzing insect, I realize that it is a wasp and my staring at it aggravated it to the point of attack. As I look around for something to swat at it, the wasp flutters back down and buzzes around helplessly as if it is on it's last legs. How fortunate I am that I don't have to worry about getting stung. I'm hesitant though to get any closer to it regardless. But I do, because I can't have a wasp in the house whether or not it's dying. What I discover is that the wasp has been capture in a spider web and is well within the clutches of a black widow spider.

It is a shiny black spider and the close up of the scene now is practically microscopic. I can literally see where the black widow spider is biting the wasp to incapacitate it. Poor wasp, I remember thinking. I watch as the poison slowly begins to immobilize the wasp. The black widow may have taken a moment to say hello to me before digging in, and I decide to wait until the spider finishes it's meal before whooshing it back outdoors where it belongs.

I don't have my dream dictionary with me, but by the end of the day, I'm going to have a detailed analysis of how this dream may be trying to tell me something about the day's trials and tribulations. Lately, I've been revisiting memories of people I used to know from when I was an adolescent. Back in those days, I lived in a house that had developed a wasps nest under the roof. They would get in from one of the airvents. I tried to rid them with poison, mesh, etc. but those bugs would literally chew right through the mesh. It wasn't until I used chicken wire that the nest was sealed permanently. Is it possible since I am revisiting memories from a time in my life when the wasps were always swarming around that I am thinking of them in my sleep, or is there some other significance I'm not seeing? These memories are a major disturbance in my life, if that's any help.
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Would like input on possible significance- baby mamma [Feb. 19th, 2009|02:19 am]
Dream Interpretation Community

[mood |confusedconfused]

Hi All,

I'd love to hear some thoughts on the following.   I have had the following "tidbit" recur in dreams at least twice in the last couple months.  On the surface, I would say it's just an insecurity surfacing in my dreams, but considering the other background - I don't think it's that simple.  

In a nutshell,  I keep dreaming that my mother has a baby.   And in each of these dreams,  my reaction is that of anger and disappointment and part of the dream focuses on me trying to defend why this is such a bad idea to the others around us.         

Now, in my waking life as well as in these dreams - my mother is 59 years old and has been sick for over 7 years with end stage liver disease.   In the last year her condition has worsened a great deal.  My mother's last child was born over 30 years ago, having another has not been a concern, issue or desire for a very, very loooooonnnnngggg time.  

My most recent dream (that I remember the best) actually centered around me taking her to the hospital for complications with her liver disease.   We tried to figure out what was causing problems for her at that moment, in the dream I had to take her to different hospitals because we weren't getting answers and then finally at the last hospital, she gave birth.   I was trying to find a wheelchair to try and take my mom and the baby home.  While I was searching and walking throughout the hospital, her husband came and took both of them home.   The hospital staff told me that they left because I wasn't being supportive or nice about the new baby.   Then - I received a voicemail from my mom's husband saying that he didn't want me coming anywhere near mom or the baby because I was not supporting them and my mom told him that she was afraid that I would hurt the baby because I was jealous. 

The remainder of the dreams was about me trying to prove to anyone around me that, I was upset that she had a baby, but it wasn't that I was jealous or that I had any intention of hurting anyone.  That it was just a really ridiculous idea that she even had a baby considering her illness and her age.  I couldn't figure out why no one saw how crazy it was and why she kept trying to turn this into something against me. 

It's just very bizarre - I do spend a great deal of time dealing with medical items for my Mom because of her disease.    So I'm sure it's my brain trying to work something out in regards to dealing with her illness, but why a baby? 
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what does it mean? [Nov. 28th, 2008|01:02 am]
Dream Interpretation Community

[mood |confusedconfused]

I dreamed of the holy spirit last night.

To make a long story short.. we were outside making mud pies (No idea WHY lol) and then it started to storm. We said "we better get outta here!" so we went to go outside. There were 4 fast flashes of lightning and in the last flash it made an "imprint" of the holy spirit in the sky. My friends pointed it out in shock and then I woke up.

Does this mean anything?

p.s. I'm new. Stephanie 22 years old from PA =)
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Odd dream [Aug. 29th, 2008|07:28 pm]
Dream Interpretation Community

The other night I had a dream, my BF's ex was in our house sleeping in our bed so I grabbed her by the collar and physically threw her out of the house but she managed to come back in.  Next my BF and I had gone camping, we had a trailer and there were other people around our camp site (I don't know them, strangers)  My Bf's ex wife was with us even though we didn't make her feel welcome, didn't want her there and was ignoring her.  She kept looking at us with a snarly look on her face and I got the feeling she wanted to get back with her ex, my BF.  Then I went to use the out house, the floor felt wobble but I attempted to use it any way.  The out house tipped over and I thought I was going to go in the hole!  But the out house was partially tipped (it didn't go right over like I first thought) and I was able to get out.  I didn't get to 'go'.  I went back to the camp site and told them what happened.  My BF's ex laughed, she was now sitting closer to my BF and had her feet up on the arm of his lawn chair.  My BF was still ignoring her.  I told a guy that was in our camp site to chat her up that she'd probably go with him if he did.  Then she was talking to that guy and she wasn't trying to get near my BF any more.  I then went in the trailer, there were people in there too (strangers) and I tried to use the bath room in there but because there were people in there I was to shy to go.  This is all I remember.
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Help! [Jul. 16th, 2008|03:09 pm]
Dream Interpretation Community

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[mood |confusedconfused]
[music |none]

Hi! im new to this community, but I've been having some really strange dreams and i need someones take on them.

For the last few nights i've been dreaming that im engaged, to my current boyfriend R. But in the dream, there was never a ring.

Last night, the dream was different. I was getting married to my ex-boyfriend ( M.). I was in a purple gown, and was the ceremony was in a local hotel, i coulnt see any of my friends in the ceremony. When we got to the honeymoon suite there was a giant pool, but when you tried to get your head wet, the water didnt let you!! Anyways, we never had sex (thankfully!!) and in the dream, when i went to see him, M. had a girlfriend (his current girlfriend I.) even though we were married. I accused him of cheating but he said it wasnt, and did nothing about it.

I think that part has something to do with the fact that when we were together, M. cheated on me..so i guess that part is done. But what about the rest? if anyone can find some kind of logic in this it would mean the world to me.

Thanks ! :)
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(no subject) [Mar. 30th, 2008|03:13 pm]
Dream Interpretation Community

Hello! I have been around on this community for quite a while but not had the courage to post before now ( I dont know why, there is nothing to be scared of :D) Well, anyway.
This is a dream that I had the night before last...
There was a sequence where I was a shapeshifter I think- but definitely male; I wasnt actually myself.
A bridge had turned into a gushing, tumultuous river .. I was swimming through it, and I was searching for someone. Then I found a man and a woman lying on the ground of a woodland overhang, with tree roots and earth and things, hanging over this river. This man, was the man I had been chasing. The woman was draped over him, and kissing him. He was entirely white, with shining blue in his eyes, black rims, white incandescent skin and deep red lips. He looked at me, but didnt say anything. I tried to cut him in half with a broadsword, but he had a better weapon- his sword was flaming with bright fire. I tried to cut him in half with a samurai sword, but he seemed insubstantial, like a ghost or a phantom and it just went right through him.
Then I changed into a fish and swam away through the churning waters.

Im thinking the sword symbolism has alot to do with force, will and power. Also maybe its about asserting my dominance as a powerful individual etc. And this figure, who has the exact same features as James (the last time that I saw him- blue eyes, black eyeliner, white skin and red lips) always has a better weapon...more power, more dominance and strength.
Just thought i'd see what other people thought of it..
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First dream I've remembered in awhile [Jun. 15th, 2007|01:18 pm]
Dream Interpretation Community

This started off as a nightmare, very realistic, then the ending was pretty silly.  First I had an older brother who was mentally retarded named Michael (in reality I have a younger sister who's autistic) and something made him snap.  He was chasing me around my grandmother's house, although in the dream we lived there.  He was trying to kill me and I ran into the basement and locked the doors.  He almost broke them off the hinges, but didn't.  I ran to lock the doors on leading upstairs before he could get to them.  Then he was pounding and pounding on them.  I looked in my cell phone for someone to call and had only about 5 numbers in there.  I knew nobody would be available, so I called 911.  The operator said lazily "our patrol car's already out.  He'll be there when he can."  Then a call came in for my sister, a friend looking for her and I'm like "she's not here!"  

The pounding stopped, but I was sure he was waiting for me.  I went online to change my personal information on Myspace when I heard my mother's footsteps.  She said Michael was asleep and I was being silly.  Then I felt guilty for calling 911 on him.  Then I was in a bar with friends and we were getting no service.  A girl at the bar was topless with the menu held up to her chest.  Another girl went to use a phonebooth, same thing no shirt, concealing herself with a menu.  So I took off my shirt and held the menu up to cover myself.  

I woke up and still hadn't ordered! 
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we are all...sliding blocks [Apr. 4th, 2007|07:35 am]
Dream Interpretation Community

I dreamed I went to a psychologist, Noelle Howard, whom I was going to ask if I was on the right path with regards to fixing myself. Instead, a group of people (one of whom I jammed unsuccessfully with on guitar minutes before the psych walked in) were in the white room where the psychologist and I were supposed to meet.

She had us lay on the floor, and then the cool stuff began.

DreamCollapse )
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