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maybe yall can help me make sense of this... [Sep. 4th, 2010|03:11 am]
Dream Interpretation Community


I have been having some terrifying dreams lately. Some more vivid and more memorable than others.
This one from last night.

Some random stranger artistic guy with long black hair, pale skin and really thin somehow managed to convince Justin(my sisters boyfriend) to let him spend the night here. I was already asleep when the decision was made.

I first see my sister and Justin's room, from a third person point of veiw. A child sits in the middle of the room crying. My sister and Justin are standing there screaming at each other, but as if on mute, I here no sound.The room is plastered with pictures of creepy drawings of Disney characters in a realistic manner. They are all depicted bloody as if they have torn something or someone apart. They have twisted smiled on their face.

Then the dream jumps to my point of veiw. I was awoken by the sound and smell of permenant marker on the dry wall (it was squeaking). I bolt up from the couch (where I was sleeping). I see the creepy guy drawing more twisted characters on the walls and try to scream, but can't because my throat is too dry. I hear my sister and her boyfriend argueing in their room. She saying he needs to go now, he is creepy/scary/freaking her and the baby out and just arguing about this guy.

Jump to him seeing I'm awake, and he leaps across the couch at me and wraps his hands around my neck. I'm still trying to scream but now I couldn't even if I had the ability, because he is crushing my wind pipe. At that point I woke up for real, clutching my chest,out of breath, and very very shaken, to the point that I was actually tremoring a bit.

This is the first dream in a LONG time that has resulted in me waking up having a real life panic attack. Even know just writing this account of it, I'm getting twinges of that panic/anxiety.