It has been a long time since I have seen or spoken to Richard after his betrayal. I still sometimes dream about him. In the dream, we are still friends just like in today's dream. In the dream, we were sitting on the couch talking. He had tried to make a move on me but I thwarted his attempt. Then suddenly I was by an open door. Two cats came in. They were not my cats, but I let them in and closed the door. One of the cats were black. The dream ended with me keeping the cats. I had a lot of cats in the dream.

You Got Check

This is a dream I had after deciding to switch banks. I can't remember all the details, but here is what I can remember. I have received a check. I didn't know in a dream who send it or why, but it did include a deposit form. I don't remember seeing the check in a dream, but I knew it was there. The deposit form was very realistic looking. All the lines were straight and I could read the letters or at least I recognized them as letters.

Side Effect

I had a nightmare this morning. It started out perfectly normally.
A friend of mine told me she was taking a new supplement that is widely advertised. Soon she finds out that bad things happen to those that take it. She then tells me that she will die. I try to heal her but am not sure it will work as my other attempts were not successful. As soon as I feel that it's working and become confident that I can do it this time my friend starts acting weird. She kicks me out of her home. Once outside I notice that I forgot my purse. I ask her to give it to me, but she wants me to get it myself. Having a very bad feeling about going inside I somehow manage to convince her to give me the purse.

Dead Baby

I had a really disturbing dream about a weak ago. I dont know why i remember it so well when i usually forget my dreams =/

I dreamed that i had a baby boy (i do not have kids and god willing i never will) and he died because of my negligence. In the dream i was moving stuff in a room from my old house and i accidentally placed something on the baby's crib, (on top of the baby) because I forgot the baby was in there, causing his death T^T

I remember going crying to my dad with my dead son in my arms and showing the baby to him. He aked my if it was dead and i just cried more. I KNOW there is more but i kinda don't remember the end of the dream but im sure it keeps going after i show my dad the baby.

I have a VERY faint feeling that the baby came back to life but im not sure if it was part of the dream or if i made that up.

It's been about a week but i still get a horrible feeling when I remember the dream, the despair is insufferable and I fell like i have a hole in my chest...

I would appreciate if anyone might know what it might mean or if its just a sign that im crazier that i though haha....


Hi. I joined this community specifically so that someone could explain this dream to me, lol! :) I had it four nights ago.

Okay: In my dream, I wasn't really "present". I was just an observer. It was a sort of grayish-green room (I don't remember any doors or windows, but it seemed well-lit), with these columns dotted around the inside. 

In the room, the actress Gillian Jacobs ( was walking across, but very slowly. It was like watching someone try to walk through water, or a tape played in slow motion. It was actually very creepy. She was reaching for something that I couldn't see, because a column was blocking my view. It looked like she was straining to reach it, like she knew how slow she was going and that she wouldn't get very far. She had a very sad, desperate look on her face.

The most striking things about the dream were: 

1. She was covered in eyes. Everyplace that wasn't covered by her clothes, her forehead, neck, cheeks, hands, arms, etc. were covered with normal, human eyes. Being a dream that's gradually growing fuzzier, I don't remember most of the details (like if they were all the same color, where they were looking, etc.) but it was a striking image. (In particular, I remember that she had a tiny eye on the end of each of her fingers where her nails should have been)

2. I remember feeling a very STRONG sense of unease. I wouldn't call it fear, but it was like the buildup to it. I remember thinking that I didn't want her to reach whatever she was heading for, because then something bad would happen to her.

Some more details: I'm a big fan of Miss Jacobs' show, COMMUNITY, and I've been thinking about it for a while ever since news of its hiatus. I have a suspicion that the identity of the figure in the dream isn't really important, and that my brain picked her out just because, as a cast member, she's one of the people I've been thinking about.

Still, it was a very vivid dream, one of the few that's stuck with me more than a day. If someone could explain any potential symbols or whatever, that'd be great. (Although I'd settle for an "It was just the nonsensical ramblings of your subconscious" answer, too. Lol.)

dream help, anyone?

Hi, new member here. I had a dream that quite frankly disturbed me a bit, so I'm asking for help on what it may mean.

I was going somewhere in a maroon or purple van with people I remember going to high school with. I think I had one of my friends there, but we were a large party that my waking logic says couldn't fit into the van. This is weird since I'm an introvert with a small circle of friends. We were on a "highway" - really a two-lane road that's like the "highways" near where I live, one of which incidentally I'd always gone up on to go to my high school (it's on a hill), though I don't think my dream-highway had any resemblance whatsoever with that highway, except perhaps the greenery. We stopped at the house of one of my real-life friends, who in real life does live up a hilly place not that far from my old high school...I think. It was a tiny house, made of wood (unusual where I'm from, since we build houses on concrete) on our side of the road, no neighbors, and I think there was no greenery on that side too. It's only registered now that the dream-traffic was left-hand - the house was on the left, and we were going somewhere using the left side of the road - which is odd, since traffic is right-hand here. I'm not sure if the house was dilapidated or not, and I can't remember exactly why we stopped there. I think we were going to pick her up (she was there) but had to wait for her dad, a man I know from real life as a domineering, bitter man who's recently had a stroke. I'm not sure if he left and told us to wait, or if he wasn't there when we got to the house.

I don't know why, but we had to hide behind the house while waiting for him. I don't know if it's my memory playing tricks on me, but maybe it was because we were told to to keep ourselves safe (by my friend's dad?)? So we were behind the house, though we weren't exactly "hiding" - I was standing behind the house looking through the posts, and I think we, or some of my companions, were talking. And we were pretty scattered, not huddled together.

I couldn't figure it out at first, but then I saw, between the posts, a man, who I think had glasses, grinning with something he held like a gun - except it wasn't held out in front of him the way people do when they threaten to shoot. He was pointing it in front of him, but the "gun" was level with his stomach or waist. I wasn't able to see clearly if it was a gun or not since my vision was blurry (as in real life with objects pretty far away - my glasses are intentionally several grades lower than I need, since I get headaches), but my waking logic says from what I think I saw, that it wasn't. I don't remember if he had an accomplice or not; my memory might be playing tricks again, but I think he did (not a lot, though, maybe just one other or two). He wasn't looking at me;I saw him almost from the side, at an angle. I don't know how he got there; I think he found us because we were talking, or found one of us outside the house.

The whole thing was relaxed, not like the hostage situation it was supposed to be, according to my waking logic. We weren't herded out of the "hiding place". Instead, we were leisurely talking as we walked to the front of the house. It was all "oh, he wants us to go to the front, so let's go". I don't think I was registering everything, since I was so relaxed. And then he directed us to stand next to a blue cement mixer (I think I remember it had white numbers or words on its side, though I can't remember what they were). I don't know how that cement mixer got there - maybe (and this is my waking logic saying this) the man/men arrived in them? I, being neurotic (I am one in real life), didn't want to stand close to it for fear of gasoline dripping on me and burning me. When I reached the side of that cement truck I purposely stayed a decent distance away. Then I saw, I think when I turned around, that the man or one of his companions (can't recall) poured gasoline on one of my high school batchmates who was standing nearer the truck (I don't remember if she was the one the "gun" was being pointed at, or the one the men saw that led them to us). That's when I got the idea that they were going to burn us. I woke up when I was trying to get away.

I don't remember if this last bit happened at the end of the dream or me climbing out of sleep, or even just some random thought that popped into my head when I woke up, but I heard a voice (I think? Or was it just me being random and groggy?) saying that it's about my health.

Extra note: I'm not sure if there were other cars on the highway.

Does anyone have any idea what this may mean?

I had the following very vivid dream last night and it's really confusing me as to what it might mean:

I'd gone to Florida with loads of people I knew from School. We were all staying in this massive house/theme park, reminiscent of a low-key Disney World (or part of it); and enjoying ourselves etc. I periodically switched from seeing things in first and third person perspective. I'd occasionally see myself out of my own eyes, if that makes sense? Anyway, there was this one ride that descended from the top storey of the house; where you got into a boat and travelled around a little course for a bit before PLUNGING into a massive pool which was in a cavern in the basement of the house. This area was then like a miniature water park. I guess I was sort of thinking of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride or something. Anyway, above this pool of water were archways of rocks building up to the ceiling. All around the room were water jets shooting from the sky, ropes to swing down into the pool on etc etc. So you could climb up these rock archways and look down or swing down on a rope. I was watching myself in the third person, when one girl from my year called Louise takes one of these ropes and swings out. But she gets tangled up with a water jet, and ends up hanging herself (but upside down?)I don't see this, I just hear people around me and my third person self sort of recoiling in horror as they realise what happened. For some reason; no one notices this until it's clear she's been dead a while...  i have absolutely no idea what this dream means, in any sense. The "dead" person was someone I knew, but we barely ever spoke at school. I didn't particularly like or dislike her though. I've definitely not spoken to her since then, so her cropping up in my freaked-up dreams is WEIRD.

Can anyone help me interpret it, please?
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Have you ever experienced a night terror or sleep terror?

definition according to wiki:

"A night terror, also known as a sleep terror or pavor nocturnus, is a parasomnia disorder characterized by extreme terror and a temporary inability to regain full consciousness. The subject wakes abruptly from slow-wave sleep, with waking usually accompanied by gasping, moaning, or screaming while waking. It is often impossible to awaken the person fully because they are so concentrated on waking, and after the episode the subject normally settles back to sleep without waking. A night terror can rarely be recalled by the subject. They typically occur during non-rapid eye movement sleep."

I had a horrible one last night, and that's the first time in 4 years and it seems like they get scarier as i grow older. I used to have them a lot when I was a kid and the last time it happened was my senior year of high school. I did some other research and apparently only 2.2 percent of adults continue to experience this after adolescence.

But its awful! and they're always so abstract i can't ever explain them the way i want to. Last night i was trapped in my own body but it wasn't my real body, it was plastic or spider skin (i think i came from a spider?) or something and i felt i would be trapped there forever, there was something covering me, i had to go outside and lay in the snow and then there were feathers! feathers! feathers! too many feathers and i was drying my eyes with them but i couldn't get them off of me and i was trapped! trapped! trapped! ya know the feeling of extreme panic right before you experience a car wreck or you realize you've broken a bone or cut yourself while doing dishes? and then the adrenaline comes and you're in the moment and you're not so panicked? well, imagine that feeling you usually only feel for a few seconds and multiply it by several long long long minutes or hours, who knows! then add terror! the most extreme terror you've ever felt and that sinking feeling in your stomach when somebody startles you, but it lasts FOREVER (it seems like) and you can't shake it out of your body.

horrible. terrible. i would never wish this experience on anyone...but am i the only one? does anyone else have this problem?

Butterflies, Sweetpeas and granparents house

Hi. I dreamed I was at my grandparents house with a realtor and I was buying it. We walked through the house, it was just like it was when they were alive only there was no furniture. I was buying it from the people who bought it after my grandparents passed away.

I went outside after looking out the window and commenting to the realtor that this was my grandparents place. Outside the lawn was mowed and there was an old one ton truck (an old grain truck) It had a wooden box and it was painted pink or red and there were sweet pea flowers growing out of the top so the flowers hung down around the top of the box. Flying around these flowers were Monarch butterflies (orange and black butterflies) The flowers were light pink, blue and white.

I'd like to know the meaning of buying my grandparents house and the meaning of the truck, if anyone knows?

maybe yall can help me make sense of this...

I have been having some terrifying dreams lately. Some more vivid and more memorable than others.
This one from last night.

Some random stranger artistic guy with long black hair, pale skin and really thin somehow managed to convince Justin(my sisters boyfriend) to let him spend the night here. I was already asleep when the decision was made.

I first see my sister and Justin's room, from a third person point of veiw. A child sits in the middle of the room crying. My sister and Justin are standing there screaming at each other, but as if on mute, I here no sound.The room is plastered with pictures of creepy drawings of Disney characters in a realistic manner. They are all depicted bloody as if they have torn something or someone apart. They have twisted smiled on their face.

Then the dream jumps to my point of veiw. I was awoken by the sound and smell of permenant marker on the dry wall (it was squeaking). I bolt up from the couch (where I was sleeping). I see the creepy guy drawing more twisted characters on the walls and try to scream, but can't because my throat is too dry. I hear my sister and her boyfriend argueing in their room. She saying he needs to go now, he is creepy/scary/freaking her and the baby out and just arguing about this guy.

Jump to him seeing I'm awake, and he leaps across the couch at me and wraps his hands around my neck. I'm still trying to scream but now I couldn't even if I had the ability, because he is crushing my wind pipe. At that point I woke up for real, clutching my chest,out of breath, and very very shaken, to the point that I was actually tremoring a bit.

This is the first dream in a LONG time that has resulted in me waking up having a real life panic attack. Even know just writing this account of it, I'm getting twinges of that panic/anxiety.