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Dead Baby [May. 6th, 2016|02:21 am]
Dream Interpretation Community


I had a really disturbing dream about a weak ago. I dont know why i remember it so well when i usually forget my dreams =/

I dreamed that i had a baby boy (i do not have kids and god willing i never will) and he died because of my negligence. In the dream i was moving stuff in a room from my old house and i accidentally placed something on the baby's crib, (on top of the baby) because I forgot the baby was in there, causing his death T^T

I remember going crying to my dad with my dead son in my arms and showing the baby to him. He aked my if it was dead and i just cried more. I KNOW there is more but i kinda don't remember the end of the dream but im sure it keeps going after i show my dad the baby.

I have a VERY faint feeling that the baby came back to life but im not sure if it was part of the dream or if i made that up.

It's been about a week but i still get a horrible feeling when I remember the dream, the despair is insufferable and I fell like i have a hole in my chest...

I would appreciate if anyone might know what it might mean or if its just a sign that im crazier that i though haha....