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Does anyone have any idea what this may mean? [Jul. 20th, 2011|03:17 pm]
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I had the following very vivid dream last night and it's really confusing me as to what it might mean:

I'd gone to Florida with loads of people I knew from School. We were all staying in this massive house/theme park, reminiscent of a low-key Disney World (or part of it); and enjoying ourselves etc. I periodically switched from seeing things in first and third person perspective. I'd occasionally see myself out of my own eyes, if that makes sense? Anyway, there was this one ride that descended from the top storey of the house; where you got into a boat and travelled around a little course for a bit before PLUNGING into a massive pool which was in a cavern in the basement of the house. This area was then like a miniature water park. I guess I was sort of thinking of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride or something. Anyway, above this pool of water were archways of rocks building up to the ceiling. All around the room were water jets shooting from the sky, ropes to swing down into the pool on etc etc. So you could climb up these rock archways and look down or swing down on a rope. I was watching myself in the third person, when one girl from my year called Louise takes one of these ropes and swings out. But she gets tangled up with a water jet, and ends up hanging herself (but upside down?)I don't see this, I just hear people around me and my third person self sort of recoiling in horror as they realise what happened. For some reason; no one notices this until it's clear she's been dead a while...  i have absolutely no idea what this dream means, in any sense. The "dead" person was someone I knew, but we barely ever spoke at school. I didn't particularly like or dislike her though. I've definitely not spoken to her since then, so her cropping up in my freaked-up dreams is WEIRD.

Can anyone help me interpret it, please?

[User Picture]From: chaoticutopia
2011-07-25 11:30 pm (UTC)
That is a very bizarre dream! You dream with a lot of symbolism. I am by no means an expert on dreams, but whenever I want to analyze my dreams, I go to http://www.dreammoods.com/. It's a pretty great site, and you can type in a word like "hanging" or "upside down" or "ropes" etc, and it will interpret the symbols for you. From that point, it's easier for you to analyze your own dream. Good luck! :)
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